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What is a Good Bounce Rate? Q&A with our Experts

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Question:  What is a good bounce rate?

I have basic Google analytics on our company website.  I have no idea what I should use as a benchmark for our industry.  What is an acceptable or good bounce rate?


You are right that your industry is going to play into the answer.  Before we get to deep I think it is appropriate to define what a bounce is and how it is calculated.

Google defines a bounce as:   ….. the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).

What does that mean? A website visitor is considered “bounced” when they do any of the following:

  • click on a link to an outside website from your site
  • type a new url once they have landed on your site
  • click the back button to leave your site
  • close a tab with your site open

So what are acceptable bounce rates by industry?  It may be more helpful to look at type of website you have within your industry.

Simple Landing Pages ( only one thing to do such as download a PDF) 70-90% br

Retail Sites ( something to buy)  20-40% br

Portals (Yahoo, AOL, MSN) 10-30%  br

Content Sites ( blogs) 40-60% br

Service Sites (services for sale, small business) 50-70% br

There are many factors that affect your bounce rate.  Having a solid analytics and testing platform is an absolute necessity.  You don’t need to guess as to what is going wrong. Your data will tell you.  Your website data will also suggest the direction you need to go to fix high bounce rates.  Not sure where to go from here?  Click here for 30 days of free deep-dive analytics tailored to your industry and website type. ($900 value)

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