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Small Business Owners: 5 digital marketing courses you need to take today

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Think it’s time to improve your small business digital marketing operations? Consider picking up a few skills that will round out what you already know and prepare you for the marketing big leagues. While most digital marketing courses we recommend are free there are a couple that have a modest out-of-pocket expense but, taken as a whole the group of classes is wonderful way to get a digital marketing education for next to nothing.

Internet History

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Understanding how the internet works can be challenging.  Having a working knowledge of the internet’s history, evolution, and basic principles of security can help immeasurably as you flesh out your business marketing programs.   Coursera is an online education platform that offers digital marketing courses online for free that are taught by world class instructors.  Look for a course titled History, Technology, and Security.  This is definitely a great way to wade into the shallow end of digital technology.

Basic Coding

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Having a basic understanding of web development can save you a ton of time and money.  Think of all the times you have wanted to shift this image, justify that block of text, or quickly get a new landing page up.  CodeAcademy is a great way to get some basic everyday HTML understanding.  Search their digital marketing courses for Web Fundamentals.  It will be a wonderful way to quickly get some basic development skills that will help you constantly as you manage your digital footprint.

Google: Analytics learning center


Google has compiled a wealth of information about their analytics program into their own learning center.  Following their step-by-step program will definitely help you understand what data to track, how to track it, and what the data means to your business.  For $50 Google provides a certification in Google Analytics.  Use the learning center, pass the test, and you are ready to start making better decisions with your own digital data.

Users, Followers, and Audience

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Yipit Co-founder Vincius Vacanti, created a course titled “The Five Keys to Acquiring New Users for Free.” The course is taught in every-man language.  In this week long course you will learn how to outline an acquisition strategy for new users, followers, or a marketing campaign.  Whether you are looking to gain more twitter followers or grow your email list this is a good place to start. The course is offered for free on Skillshare.

Inbound Marketing


Everyone wants an inbound marketing program.  The thought of having leads, calls, or new business filling our inboxes or storefronts makes every business owner drool.  Hubspot, recognized as a leader in full cycle inbound marketing has created a program that includes 18 free classes.  There is quite a bit of depth to each class. There are optional assignments, and plenty of reading that will satisfy the most inquisitive minds.  This library of education covers the entire spectrum of inbound marketing from blogging to Twitter, Hubspot provides the entire enchilada for inbound marketing.

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